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of learning code at an early age

  • For the present
    Nowadays, there are more and more experts who champion the idea of learning about coding and other STEM skills at a very young age: developing logic at an early age helps kids to solve problems and to develop critical thinking and creativity.
    For the Future
  • Employees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) play a key role in the growth, economic stability and the future of Europe and other developed countries. For example, when we talk about employment rates in the US, one of the most developed countries and a first world power, STEM jobs are growing by 24% while other occupations are growing only by 4%. Also, STEM graduates have higher incomes.

Prepare your child for the 21st century

Let the programming adventure begin!

Educational screen time to train your children with key skills for their future

The essential app for learning to code for kids aged 4-10!


What do families think of Code Land?


And why choose Code Land to develop your children's abilities?

  • An inclusive application to learn to code
    The games and activities are specially designed and adapted to the level and abilities of each child so that no child is left out.

  • Forchildren aged 4-10 years

    It contains everything from visual games in which you don’t even need to know how to read, to multiplayer games with advanced programming.

  • There is a game for each child

    The games are set in a wide variety of situations, such as setting up a factory, getting out of a maze, making ice cream or healing injured pets, there are games and themes that inspire all children!
Programar - Aprendizaje sin estrés
  • Gender neutral
    All games are designed to be attractive, fun and educational. Without gender stereotypes, not in the games, in the protagonists, in the colors… Every boy and every girl will feel comfortable in our game.
  • Learning without stress

    Children play and learn to code freely without pressure or stress: think, act, observe, ask and find answers. With positive rewards and motivational challenges.


Expand their confidence and knowledge!